Clean-Up and Clean-Out

Before we can start doing anything, the previous tenant’s (Tiffany’s sister) stuff needs to be moved out. The place has a heavy smell of dog, so the couches, bed, and carpeting will all be removed and thrown away. The rest of the stuff will be temporary stored in one of the spare bedrooms for now.

The giant sectional couch was removed and thrown out the front door. Carpet was cut into strips and rolled up into manageable pieces and thrown out the front door. The mattress and box spring .. out the front door. Now that the rooms are nearly empty, we can get an idea of what needs to be done.

The subfloor is in good shape, except for some areas along the outside walls. The bathroom subfloor is damaged around the toilet, and probably under the sink vanity. Since the bathroom isn’t very big (5×11) I plan to cut out the entire subfloor and replace it with 23/32″ plywood. The bedroom and closet floors look to be in great shape.

The previous tenant had a dog, and it’s obvious that it had multiple ‘accidents’ in the house. After the subfloor is repaired, we’re going to cover it with a few coats of Kilz oil-based primer which should help block any remaining odor coming from the floors.

Here’s most of the the trash that was moved to the curb after a weekend of cleaning. Thankfully, the city’s sanitation department will pick all of this up so a dumpster rental isn’t needed.

We started to pull up some of the linoleum in the kitchen, and removed the carpet from the spare bedrooms. Just getting the existing flooring out of the place helped to improve the smell. Tiffany mopped the heck out of the remaining linoleum, and you no longer get hit in the face with ‘dog odor’.

trash on the curb

trash on the curb

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