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Hi there! My name is Jeff. My girlfriend Tiffany and I have been given the opportunity to move out of our small apartment and move into a doublewide mobile home on about 2 acres of land in a small town in central Florida, about 20 minutes north of where we are now. Based on an old paper found glued to the inside of the kitchen pantry door, the home is a 3BR/2BA 1982 Fleetwood model. It’s located about a half acre back from a dirt road. Other mobile homes on the road are in great shape and the yards look to be well cared for. I’m a city boy, having grown up in Cleveland, OH, so this will be a whole new scene for me.

map of location

Our plan is to gut the place completely, and rebuild the interior as nice as possible on our budget of $500-$1000 per month. We’ll paint the existing aluminum siding and trim, put up some skirting, rebuild the collapsed front porch, and repair and screen in the existing back porch. If we plan to stay for more than a few years, the siding will be replaced. I’m not terribly thrilled to be living in a ‘trailer’ so I want this place to look like a normal house as much as possible. My vision is to have the entire interior looking like a brand new home.

Neither of us have much experience doing this type of work. I’m a data analyst, and she runs her own cleaning business. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty though, and do an obsessive amount of research on the internet before starting any task. We want to do everything the ‘proper’ way, taking our time to make sure it’s done correctly.

There’s no timeframe for when this needs to be completed. Before we can move in, however, the master bathroom, bedroom, living/dining areas and kitchen must be improved. Structurally, the place seems solid but some parts of the subfloor will need to be cut out and replaced. We’re hoping we’ll be able to move in after 2 months of work.

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