Project 1.1 – Master Bathroom

We decided to start our complete remodel in the master bathroom, and then work our way into the master bedroom, which then leads to the living/dining area and then the kitchen. These are the areas that need to be fairly close to completion before we move in.

The existing master bathroom is hideous. The floor was torn up, the bathtub is gigantic and orangish-yellow, the sink vanity stinks of mildew, and the toilet looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the 1980’s.

Old Bathtub

master bathroomThe existing flooring was basically a few loose tiles laid on the floor. After being removed, we’re left with the picture to your left. The vanity under that sink has a damp, musty smell. The subfloor around the toilet is a bit soft, and it looks like there’s a minor leak around the shutoff valve. The subfloor in the center of the room might be ok, but due to the small area I’m just going to replace everything. Next step is demolition .. the tub, sink and toilet need to come out.


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