Project 2.1 – Drywall & Insulation

Due to time and budget constraints, we’ve decided to put the master bathroom on hold for the moment, and work on getting the old drywall/paneling torn off the walls and old insulation replaced with new. Also, we’ll be replacing a few spots in the floor in the master bathroom and the living room, dining room and kitchen, which I will go into detail in a future post.

Since we’re going to be moving in during the remodel, we want most of the drywall work out of the way beforehand so we’re not living in a cloud of dust.

For now, we’re only working on the half of the DW containing the master bath & bedroom, living/dining room and kitchen. The other half, which has 2 more bedrooms and 2nd bathroom, will be done at a later date.

I was pleased to find that the exterior walls were all 2×3 studs, at 16″ off center. This means I can use normal house insulation and hang drywall without much effort. The interior walls, however, are mostly framed out with 1×3’s and are spaced out more than 16″. I’ll worry about that later .. we’re just doing the outside walls for now.

Nearly all of the drywall on the interior has been removed .. the downside is having to go back through and remove the ton of staples that was left behind. We’ll be removing the exterior wall drywall right before we put up the new stuff. Not sure if there’s a valid reason for that, but I felt uneasy leaving the exterior walls ‘open’ for longer than necessary.

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