Project 2.3 – Drywall & Insulation

One of the issues we faced when replacing the drywall was that the interior wall studs weren’t 16″ off center (OC). If you’re unfamiliar with this term, basically it means that the center of one wall stud is 16″ away from the center of an adjacent wall stud. In our home, they were 24″ OC, but every other stud was a 1×3 instead of a 2×3.

In order to improve on the existing design and give us a better way to attach the new drywall, I added additional 2×3 studs so the walls would be 16″ OC. There wasn’t much work involved .. just cut the studs to length, and attach them at the top and bottom with screws.

new wall studs


Having the walls at 16″ OC instead of 24″ means that the screws holding up the drywall will be closer together, increasing the strength of the drywall (and the wall itself) and making it less prone to bowing or sagging.

The drywall went up quickly, and we also replaced the electrical outlets on these walls at the same time. We didn’t drywall around the front door yet, since we want to replace it. I’m not sure what the size of the new door will be, so we may need to change the door framing. Once the new door is hung, we’ll finish the drywall around it.

livingroomdrywall2 living room drywall 1

Living Room Drywall 2

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